News Update: 30th October 2022

Heavy overnight rain seemed to put many members off from fishing the following day, but such conditions often trigger feeding activity. Graeme Gadsby fished at Gingerbread Lake the day after and made some terrific catches. He caught a huge mirror carp named ‘The Mitsubishi Fish’ weighing 41lb 14oz, a new personal best and two common carp weighing 22lb 8oz and 21lb 4oz in addition. Later in the week at a time when little was being caught, Robbie McDade caught another big mirror carp, a 32lb specimen.

Anthony Pogmore opted for Swan Lake deciding to try 15ml retro flavoured boilies as bait. It was only a matter of a few minutes before one of his baits was picked up and he connected with a heavy plodding fish. It was soon netted by him and turned out to be perhaps the lake’s largest resident, a mirror carp known as ‘The big linear’ weighing 39lb 2oz, another personal best. In the early afternoon his alarm sounded a screaming run and this fish took several minutes to subdue. It was a 28lb mirror carp in perfect condition. His friend, Robert Livock was on hand to photograph both fish and assist with the landing of the smaller one. Later in the afternoon, a pike picked up another bait but this managed to escape by biting through the trace. Both fish were caught only a few feet from the margins in about 7ft depth of water.