News Update: 13th November 2022

During the past week there were few reports of fish being caught at Swan Lake by either day or night anglers despite conditions looking good on most days. A frequent visitor to the lake this year has been a member called Tim who had set his stall out to catch one or more of the lake’s big carp and he had enjoyed success by catching several carp up to 31lbs over the weeks. He turned up for a day’s fishing and chose a swim that most anglers do not bother to fish and soon after tackling up he spotted a carp top out in the lake. He cast a single boilie with an ounce ledger weight towards where the fish had risen and within a few minutes the bait was picked up. After a short, dogged fight it was landed and turned out to be a mirror carp known as the big linear weighing 39lb 12oz. Anthony Pogmore was beginning to think his recent run of good fish was coming to an end after two days without a bite but he decided to give his swim a final try a couple of days later. About 2.45 in the afternoon, he finally had a run and connected with a powerful fish. After a hard fight the fish was landed and was a fully scaled mirror carp weighing 21lb 1oz.

Both Swan and Gingerbread Lakes received a stocking of some spectacular looking mirror carp supplied by VS Fisheries with sizes ranging from 10lb 8oz up to 13lb 4oz. Ten fish were introduced into Swan Lake and another twenty into Gingerbread Lake. A larger consignment of smaller carp is on order for McGregor Lake too and should be arriving shortly.

Alan Wilkie decided on an afternoon/evening session on McGregor Lake where he had a mix of fix with a rare 6lb tench, a 4lb bream and a 12lb mirror carp.

Ken Torbett opted for a day on the River Ivel at Willow Hay trotting a float through his swim but he had to wait until the sun was setting before he had any action. It was then he picked up two nice chub around 1.8lbs each to end an enjoyable visit.