News Update: 20th November 2022

Extremely wet weather for several days during the week has kept many members away from the fisheries and those that did venture out often had to contend with some challenging conditions.

Glenn Mills fished overnight at Gingerbread Lake and received an early alarm call which turned out to be from a very irate carp. However, he was able to eventually net the fish which turned out to be a 26lb 6oz mirror carp. One of the club’s new bailiffs caught a mirror carp too which was almost certainly one of those recently stocked into the venue by the club.

It has been a dire week at Swan lake despite a few of the lake’s big carp still occasionally showing themselves on the surface. David Grant fished through the bad weather and hooked a really large common carp only to lose it as he was about to net it.

Jade Farrugia recently fished at McGregor Lake where she caught a double figure mirror carp during a daytime session.

Swims around both Swan and McGregor Lakes are all numbered now and members should only fish from those swims and not from areas between swims even if they were previously used. This requirement is to try to avoid anglers encroaching on other members’ water or fishing areas deemed unsuitable due to known snags.

Members who may not be interested in catching carp will be pleased to learn that around 100 tench are to be stocked into Grace Lake with more stockings to follow once an otter fence has been erected.