News Update: 27th November 2022

Big perch are a much sought-after species and an elusive one to boot. Fraser Hayden set out his stall to catch one on the River Ivel choosing to use a small cage feeder filled with maggots with the ends plugged with a sweet groundbait designed to attract small fish. The rig was fished with a large lobworm on the hook. As light faded, Fraser had a bite and struck into a good fish. When he was able to land and weigh it, it turned out to be a super 3lb 2oz perch, a cracking result. Stuart Howes fished on the Ivel near his home using a float baited with two red maggots where he caught some sizable roach and a stickleback, fairly hooked.

 At Swan Lake, there was still evidence that carp were moving with the odd stock fish jumping well out from the bank and there were reports of, at least, one stock fish being caught at night together with a much larger fish. Anthony Pogmore turned up for another dawn until dusk session and opted for a change of swim to avoid sunken leaves that were becoming a problem in some swims. He cast a single retro boilie down the margins together with a PVA mesh bag containing just seven freebies. After a couple of hours passed, his bite indicator moved steadily upwards, and he struck into a heavy fish that he managed to coax into open water for a fight lasting over ten minutes. The fish was finally netted and weighed and turned out to be a pristine 30lb 10oz common carp, a new personal best common for him. Tim Odell who had previously caught the lake’s biggest mirror carp on a previous visit was on hand to photograph the fish and witness the weigh-in. It was Craig Leitch’s birthday and he had fished for a couple of days without a bite but with only minutes fishing time left he finally had a run. The fish turned out to be from one of the lake’s recently stocked mirror carp weighing 13lbs showing that it was already putting on weight and a nice present for the angler.