News Update: 7th November 2022

Pond specialist Gary Clarke fished a session with his friend David Grant at Swan Lake but both anglers found carp were not being responsive to their baits. However, in the depths of their second night at the venue Gary finally had a run which turned out to be from a 28lb 12oz mirror carp. Anthony Pogmore returned to the lake for a second day’s fishing convinced conditions were right for catching with a strong wind and heavy rain. In the early afternoon the skies cleared and within an hour he had a fast run on one of his rods baited with a retro flavoured boilie. The fish was netted and weighed 27lb 4oz. Craig Leitch fished through the day without any action but about an hour after sunset he connected with 19lb 2oz mirror carp. Another member fishing a swim somewhat neglected by most anglers caught a super 24lb common carp during a daytime session showing that the fish can feed at almost any hour of the day or night.

A quantity of bark chippings has been delivered to top dress swims at McGregor Lake to prevent them from becoming muddied. Members are invited to help in doing this work by transporting the chippings to their swims. Board members will be trying to remove some snags from a few swims with Swan Lake being visited on 10th December and McGregor Lake on 11th December. The fisheries will remain open but members are asked to cooperate with the officers carrying out this vital work. A significant amount of work needs to be carried out at Gingerbread Lake to restore this fishery to its best and several dates have been earmarked for this work to be undertaken including removal of fallen trees on 26th November and for other works Saturday 14th January, weekend of 25th and 26th February and April 15th/16th. More details of works to be carried out will be made known nearer the dates and members interested in helping out may attend bringing with them any appropriate tools.

A number of carp all around double figures in size are scheduled to be stocked into Gingerbread Lake and Swan Lake on 9th December. These fish will be top quality fish supplied by V.S. Fisheries. A further stocking of McGregor Lake will take place later in the season.

The club is arranging a social event on 28th December 2022 to encourage members to take advantage of the splendid river fishing that is available. Hot drinks and refreshments will be provided with fishing to take place between 10.00am and 3.00pm. The meeting place will be Tempsford Village Hall with fishing to be held on the nearby stretches of the River Ouse and/or Ivel. Further details and confirmation of the event will be published on the club’s Facebook page.