News Update: 22nd January 2023

The return of cold weather has brought an abrupt end to sport on BHAA’s fisheries with lakes becoming frozen over yet again. However, one member who was able to beat the drop was David Young who fished at Gingerbread Lake into the night. He was rewarded for his dedication by catching a big 39lb mirror carp.

Gingerbread Lake was closed last week to enable work to proceed in the clearance of a number of fallen trees and branches which had fallen into the lake creating major snags. The work involved the use of some heavy equipment together with help from several Board members. All of the offending trees have been removed with all swims now able to be fished without the risk of losing fish in the former snags. However, members are asked not to use the opened-out swims as an excuse to cast into adjacent swims or to cast long distances over sunken weed beds.