News Update: 8th January 2023

The New Year got off to an ideal start for Ionut Cires when he landed a good-sized mirror carp whilst fishing at Gingerbread Lake. Dave Pegram stated that he too had caught a carp from the lake during the daytime, a clear sign that the lake’s carp population were still feeding.

Tim Odell decided on a change of venue for the day switching from Swan Lake to the adjacent McGregor Lake. During a short day session he caught two double figured carp, a common and a mirror. One fish fell to a bunch of red maggots with the other caught on a zig rig presentation.

During the week, a member caught what looked like a small double figured carp or sizable bream during the day, but sport was generally slow despite the mild weather.

Fraser Hayden has spent the week fishing various stretches of the River Ivel catching some nice roach from both The Riddy and High Romper stretches. Later in the week he moved on to the stretch behind the lakes at Sandy where he caught a number of generally smallish chub, the best weighing 4lbs. He said that it was a case of one chub per swim and then moving to find another productive swim.

Quantities of wood chippings have been deposited at McGregor Lake to top-dress swims that have become muddied since their construction. Members are welcome to help in lining the swims with the chippings if they are able to help.