News Update: 20th February 2023

The River Ivel has produced some exception fish over the winter months with many of the catches going unreported as anglers wanted to enjoy the opportunity to fish long stretches of the river without the presence of others. Darren Bates was rightly keen to share his success when he caught a big 5lb 4oz chub one morning on legered cheese.

It was reported tat pike have been observed spawning in Gingerbread Lake during the past week. A working party will take place at the lake on 25th and 26th of February when it is planned to introduce barley straw into the lake to assist in the control of weed. The straw will be introduced within meshed nets in the form of long sausage shapes. These will be put over the top of problem areas identified in the lake and marked by floats.

This week will see the restocking of McGregor Lake with around 100 C3 mirror and common carp to be supplied by FrontFish. The fish will be Leney/ Dinkelsbuler crossed strain so will be high quality fish capable of attaining some good weights over the coming years.