News Update: 26th February 2023

The River Ivel continues to produce some big and beautifully conditioned chub which Fraser Hayden has been targeting throughout the winter months. Although he has not quite cracked the 5lb barrier so far, he landed a super 4lb 15oz chub whilst feeder fishing on the river with chopped worm and maggots. A large lobworm on the hook proved to be irresistible to the chub.

Carp in Swan Lake have proven to be hard to catch of late. Alan Wilkie fished a short afternoon and

evening session using two mini-boilies as bait and only introducing a couple of free offerings. A run just after dark produced a superbly conditioned 25lb 6oz mirror for him. Mark Jefferys fished a two-night session when he caught his second of the recently stocked mirror carp.

A working party is taking place at Gingerbread over the weekend (25th/26th) to introduce a large amount of barley straw into the lake to help control weed growth. During the week a number of long sausage-like nets of the straw has been made up which are to be towed out into position in the water in heavily weeded areas.

In recent months the Association has carried out numerous stockings of fish into our waters with barbel at Tyringham and Lavendon on the River Ouse, mirror carp for both Gingerbread and Swan Lakes. This week saw two more stockings take place with around 100 carp both mirrors and a few commons being introduced into McGregor Lake and followed by several hundred small crucian carp for Grace Lake.