Gate Security

Yes some fishery gates are challenging, we are taking steps to make the mechanisms and locks easier to use. However…. Members who want to make life easier by compromising security can expect a life ban. The video shows what is most likely the access point used by an otter 2 weeks ago. We spotted the event quickly (one November stockie was lost), cameras were in place within 8 hours, and we now know the animal is outside the fence, but still prowling the perimeter most nights. The fish at Sandy will always be vulnerable; the river Ivel is only yards away. A pair of otters on tiny well stocked fisheries can only result in mass fatalities. Do you really want to lose great fishing, just because you can’t be bothered to take time in securing a gate.

Cameras are up !! Be in no doubt, if you are guilty, you will be caught, and you will be banned.