News Update: 26th March 2023

The changeable weather has meant conditions have been far from ideal over the past week. David Grant fished a 72-hour session at Swan Lake and had to endure some heavy overnight rain. It was second morning before he had any action when he caught one of the recently stocked mirror carp around 10lbs which gave him quite a tussle. Later in the day, a second run resulted in him catching a 24lb 13oz mirror carp to make his stay worthwhile. Trevor Richardson is on a hot run catching his fourth big carp from the lake, a magnificent looking 22lb 4oz fully scaled mirror carp.

A big thank you is due to those board members who repaired the bridge to the long island at McGregor Lake to enable safe access. Please note that a small working group will be at Gingerbread Lake on Wednesday, the 29th, to install more barley straw ‘sausage’ nets in an effort to combat excessive algae growth during the summer months.