We are grateful to all who replied to our surface fishing survey last year. There were some very strong views, the majority based on fish welfare. Two topics dominated the replies; “Spodding of mixers”, and “Fishing beyond weed beds”.

The board debated further rule changes, but concluded that if the small number of “offenders” didn’t appreciate the spirit of our rules, they should be educated, and potentially removed. The “problem” exists with approximately six anglers; should they not reappear this spring, or rejoin next season then the majority of the membership would be delighted! Without reciting them all here, those who surface fish (especially at Gingerbread) need to respect and obey the following rules; then ask themselves if they are affecting other anglers, or the water they are fishing.

Rules – 1, 4, 12.

Surface fishing will be stopped when the weed is considered to be too thick. Notices informing the membership will be placed on fishery gates.