News Update: 16th April 2023

Graham Gadsby Did not have any luck fishing for carp at Gingerbread Lake but was still able to catch a super fish in the form of an 11lb bream. Later in the week, Fraser Hayden fished an overnight session on the lake when he caught 4 more big bream all weighing over 7lbs with the heaviest topping his scales at 8lb 5oz.

Lloyd Gadsby fished a day session on McGregor Lake and caught his first carp of the year, a heavily scaled mirror carp weighing 14lbs.

Anglers fishing in the River Ivel catchment area have benefitted from a number of recent stockings made by the Environment Agency. Two of these stockings directly benefit BHAA members, a stocking of chub into the river at Langford Mill and a large stocking of pure crucian carp into Grace Lake on the Sandy complex.