News Update: 23rd April 2023

With the wind swinging into a north-easterly direction, prospects looked far from ideal but how wrong can you be.

Fishing into a cool breeze on McGregor Lake, Paul Hayden connected with probably the lake’s largest carp, a mirror weighing 27lbs. Craig Hammond enjoyed a red letter day when he caught 11 good-sized bream during a daytime visit.

Trevor Richardson fished into the evening at Swan Lake catching a beautifully conditioned 20lb common carp. David Flint had fished a couple of nights at the weekend as he was one of the few members who turned up to help the working party held at the Sandy complex to remove snags and to improve gate security. He had a cracking result landing three carp over weighing 30lbs and one of the recently stocked mirror carp. His largest fish named ‘The Barrel’ weighed 33lb 3oz. Craig Leitch spotted a fish topping in his swim and cast his bait towards it. An ensuing run produced an 11lb 7oz mirror but soon afterwards he connected with a much larger carp that managed to find a nasty snag close to the margins. The fish was lost but it was not long before he was into another big carp which tried to reach the same snag, but Craig was able to steer it away. This fish turned out to be a 28lb 7oz mirror carp and finally he ended the day with a second smaller mirror weighing 12lb 2oz. Anthony Pogmore fished directly into the cool breeze, but it took 10 hours before a fish picked up his retro flavoured boilie. The fish put a tremendous scrap before being finally subdued. It turned out to be a stunning 25lb 3oz ‘zip linear’ mirror carp. The following day Craig Leitch returned to find his preferred swim occupied so went into an adjacent swim. There were signs of carp activity throughout the day, but it was well into the evening before he had a run which was from a 23lb mirror carp. The member who had occupied Craig’s preferred swim had a red-letter day too landing carp weighing 20lbs and 25lbs together with a low double figured mirror. Former bailiff Mick Broom was only at the lake for a short time before catching another big carp, a 29lb specimen. These catches were by no means the complete story as other anglers also recorded some big carp catches.

Retired member Chris Tyrell fished at Gingerbread Lake where he caught one of the lake’s oldest residents, a mirror carp known as ‘The Clone’ weighing an impressive 44lbs. The fish is still in remarkedly good condition after many years presence on the lake.

A badly made-up rig was found in swim 4 at Swan Lake during the week which could have easily caused serious harm to any fish that managed to break the main line. The helicopter rig was loaded on to heavy braid with a leger weight attached in such a way that it could not be freed in the event of a breakage. Note that any rigs deemed to be potentially harmful to fish will result in the member’s book being endorsed as a minimum. DO NOT USE SUCH RIGS IN THE FUTURE.