News Update: 30th April 2023

The recent easterly winds with high pressure did not exactly present ideal conditions for carp fishing but, for some reason the carp in Swan Lake went on a bit of a feeding frenzy with fish being caught throughout the week from around the lake.

Trevor Richardson tasted early success catching a 26lb common carp and a 26lb mirror carp. Steve Curtin caught a 26lb 2oz common carp and a tench.  Later in the week, he returned to catch a 35lb 4oz common carp and another tench around 5-6lbs plus an 18lb mirror carp using only a minimal amount of bait. Craig Leitch caught a 16lb 6oz mirror carp and he too caught a nice tench using mini boilies as bait. He returned on another day when he caught a 25lb mirror from a different swim. Anthony Pogmore decided to fish into the cool breeze and was beginning to think he had made the wrong choice when he had a run within a couple of rod lengths from the bank. The fish tuned out to be a hard fighting mirror carp weighing 30lb 4oz with Mick Broom on hand to help land and weigh the fish. He was fishing with a retro flavoured boilie along with a few freebies for good measure. Mick also got in on the action a day or so later catching another big mirror weighing 31lbs. Richard Fosker fished overnight catching a carp just over 20lbs during his session. Perhaps the catch of the week was made by Mark Jefferys who wanted to prove to himself that carp could be caught from some of the less popular swims. His decision proved to be correct when during his first 24 hour stay, he banked two 24lb and a 22lb mirror carp. Later in his session, he added another 24lb mirror, a 25lb 11oz common and a smaller 17lb mirror. There were some other carp caught too but the captors opted not to share details of their successes.

It is saddening to have to report more incidents of inconsiderate behaviour by a few members who think it is acceptable for them to relieve themselves (pee) in their swims. Anglers subsequently wanting to use those swims are greeted with the unpleasant smell of urine. There is no need for such behaviour as there are plenty of places anglers can use away from the swims. Perhaps, they should consider bringing an empty bottle with them to enable them to dispose of the subsequent contents properly. Bailiffs may caution anyone observed acting in such a lazy and inconsiderate manner.