News Update: 13th May 2023

All BHAA’s specimen lakes have continued to produce some super catches for members prepared to risk dodging the unpredictable weather.

At Gingerbread Lake, Graeme Gadsby had a great session landing two big mirror carp weighing 33lbs and 24lb 8oz, two tench to 7lbs and 5 good-sized bream weighing up to 8lbs. Ionut Cires notched up another three big carp, two mirrors and a common, during the week too.

There have been few reports of catches made from McGregor Lake in recent weeks, but it transpires that the lake has been fishing well. A member who journeys to the lake from his home in Surrey said that he had been finding the water challenging until one day he enjoyed a haul of 5 carp in only 5 hours. Two of his fish were 20s, the largest weighing 23lb 11oz with the other three fish all over 18lbs. Clive Day fished an afternoon session during the week catching a 5lb bream and a nice 20lb 2oz mirror carp.

One of the most sought-after carp in Swan Lake, a fish known as ‘The Two-Tone Common’, has been caught for the second time in recent weeks weighing 41lb 7oz. The captor was John David Alexander who day fishes at the lake. Karl Franklin caught a lovely looking 20lb 8oz fully scaled mirror using a wafter boilie but, on his next two visits he decided to scale his tackle down and go after the lake’s bream and growing population of tench. He was pleased that this approach worked by landing a cracking 7lb tench and later an 8lb 4oz bream. Mick Broom who prefers to use a stealthy approach coupled with a minimal number of free offerings quietly chalked up some great catches with 33lb 4oz, 17lb 4oz and 28lb carp. Another minimalist angler Steve Curtin enjoyed great successes too by landing a 23lb 12oz common, 24lb 12oz mirror and two more carp weighing 24lb 7oz and 13lb on a subsequent visit. Alan Wilkie had only been fishing for an hour when one of his baits was picked up by a 15lb 4oz carp and, while he was there, another member asked him to witness a 24lb common carp he had just caught. Mark Jefferys fished a 48-hour session at the lake and hit the jackpot once again by catching mirror carp weighing 19lbs, 30lb 4oz and 30lb 11oz (a fully scaled specimen) and a super common carp weighing 33lb 11oz together with a big tench (not weighed).