News Update: 21st May 2023

There has still been little let up in big fish captures from BHAA’s specimen lakes during the past week.

At Gingerbread Lake, Glenn Mills has been catching bream after bream which were not his intended targets but, he finally got back on course by catching a 23lb 8oz common carp and a 23lb 8oz mirror carp both identical weights. Young Jake McDade accompanied his dad on an overnight session hoping to catch a big carp. Although he did not achieve this goal, he went on a catch three of the lake’s big tench. Board member Louis Horne fished overnight too catching a personal best mirror carp weighing 38lbs. Louis said he was using a plum favoured boilie in conjunction with scopex/squid boilies.

David Grant fresh back from a fishing trip to France was keen to get in a session on Swan Lake but found his swim failed to produce at first, However, he went on to catch a 29lb 1oz common carp and a good-sized tench around 5lbs. Steve Curtin who only day fished at the venue using a minimal amount of bait once again proved his tactics work as on his first visit he caught a cracking 36lb 4oz common carp and returned to the same swim later in the week to catch another big common, a 29lb 4oz specimen.

Steve Hayden makes the long journey from his Surrey home to fish McGregor Lake and confessed that he made several unproductive trips. However, a couple weeks ago his fortunes changed when he caught several carp in quick succession. On his latest visit, he was rightly pleased to catch a p.b. in the form of a 25lb 8oz mirror carp only to smash this later in the day with an even bigger carp, a 27lb 12oz mirror carp.

Three young poachers were caught red-handed fishing at Grace Lake and escorted off the fishery by a board member. Members are asked to keep a look out for any suspicious individuals on our waters and to report the circumstances to a bailiff or board member promptly. Contact telephone numbers are listed in your membership books.