Poaching Incident to result in prosecution

Following on from a recent incident of poaching at the Sandy Lakes fishery when three youths were caught fishing who were not club members and who were ejected by a representative of the Association a second episode has taken place. One of our honorary bailiffs observed an individual illegally fishing in the Close Season on one of our stretches of the River Ouse at Tempsford. The Police’s Rural Crime Squad and the Environment Agency’s enforcement team were informed leading to the person being apprehended. He was found to be a non-member and was not in possession of a valid rod licence. His fishing tackle was confiscated, and he is to be prosecuted by the Police under the 1967 Theft Act. It is likely he will receive a severe fine.

The Angling Association will seek to prosecute all persons fishing illegally on both our lakes and river stretches or causing criminal damage to gates, locks and fencing. Also, as well as patrols by bailiffs and club officials we employ covert surveillance devices that are movable from location to location to obtain evidence of any such activities.