News Update: 24th June 2023

Most fish had stopped spawning by the start of the past week but the forecast return to high temperatures over the coming weekend will no doubt trigger off spawning by those fish still to discharge their spawn.

At Gingerbread Lake, regular Ionut Cires managed to catch a sizeable common carp that showed signs of having recently spawned as its body was now empty of eggs.

Anthony Pogmore was pleased to find no signs of spawning fish and a nice steady breeze he thought might get some fish feeding. He baited with a single boilie fished in conjunction with a PVA net of freebies. In late morning, he had a screamer of a run and was soon playing a very angry fish which tried to tangle his line in some overhanging briars and then ploughed through a weed bed of lilies. The fish was eventually subdued and turned out to be a very fit looking 21lb 15oz mirror carp. Karl Franklin turned up with heavy showers forecast determined to fish for bream and tench. Luckily, the forecast proved to be incorrect, and the clouds soon parted, and a steady southerly wind started to blow. Fishing into the wind, Karl was pleased to catch a super looking 7lb 11oz tench, his intended quarry. Tim Odell got among the carp too landing a 19lb 5oz mirror carp.

McGregor Lake has received a lot more attention of late with fewer signs of fish spawning. Troy Fletcher obtained a night fishing permit for the lake and decided to put in a 24-hour session after the lake’s carp. He baited his swim with bottom baits and then fished a pop-up boilie of the same flavour over the top. The tactic proved to be spot on as Troy was soon banking carp at regular intervals and, as his session rolled on, he soon found himself having to deal with runs on both his rods at the same time. In all, he amassed some 15 or so good-sized carp during his stay and went on to catch even more when he returned for an afternoon session. His partner, Emerald Smith, fished during the daylight hours catching a nice mirror carp during the evening and around midday on the following day connected with a nig mirror cap, a 27lb specimen. Emerald was using a tuna and garlic pop-up as bait to tempt her fish. Lloyd Gadsby was pleased to catch a sizeable bream during an evening session and returned later in the week to bag a 15lb mirror carp. Mick Day found carp to be feeding in the side close to his swim and positioned his baits to intercept any feeding fish. He ended up catching two nice mirror carp weighing 14lb 4oz and 18lb 3oz.