News Update; 3rd June 2023

Craig Leitch returned to McGregor Lake for a day but became aware that the lake’s carp were not in a feeding mood as no one seemed to be catching. Eventually though he had a run and was pleased to net an 18lb 5oz mirror carp. Lloyd Gadsby fished the lake for an afternoon session, and he too caught a good-sized carp, a 19lb mirror. Tom Lacey reported catching two beautifully condition common carp both mid-doubles. Tom was using Mainline Cell boilies as bait. Two members had carp weighing 13lbs, 20lbs and 22lbs. Alan Wilkie spotted a good fish topping close to where he was fishing and decided to lower a bait on top of it together with a few freebies. He had a take and was soon engaged in a hard fight to land the fish. It turned out to be a large 24lb 10oz mirror carp known as Five Scales

An overnight session for Ionut Cires at Gingerbread Lake was rewarded by him catching a 32lb mirror carp. Graeme Gadsby put in a couple of sessions over the bank holiday period hitting the jackpot landing seven carp including 30lb 2oz, 28lb, 26lb 8oz, 13lb 8oz, 13lb 2oz mirrors and two of the recently stocked carp. Dave Brown tried for the lake’s carp too and caught one but had some great success landing some big tench and bream as well.

Fish were very active in the early part of the week at Swan Lake with tench and bream getting ready to start spawning but the colder conditions towards the end of the week slowed things down considerably. Anthony Pogmore was pleased to catch another nice tench weighing 6lb 6oz and a pristine 5lb bream. Steve Curtin caught a whopping 8lb 2oz tench and two big carp weighing 22lb 5oz and 22lb 4oz when he extended his stay into the late afternoon. Mark Jefferys fished an overnight session catching carp weighing 21lbs, 24lbs and later in his session a big 33lb specimen. Richard Fosker fished an overnighter catching a 31lb mirror carp plus several tench and bream. David Grant was keen to get back fishing after a health issue had prevented him going but found sport had slowed. However, his perseverance was rewarded by the capture of a hard fighting 17lb 8oz mirror carp. Another member suffered many line bites throughout the night but still managed to land one of the lake’s big mirrors, the Parrot weighing over 30lbs plus some tench and bream.