News Update: 15th July 2023

Ryan Godding fished at Gingerbread Lake using balanced hook baits so that they would set on top of any weed. Along with several bream and tench Ryan’s tactic enabled him to catch three good-sized mirror carp. Lake regular ionut Cires was able to report another big mirror carp after what a fairly lean time for him was catch wise. Despite losing a couple of carp, Dave Brown was well pleased with his session landing a 29lb 10oz mirror carp, an 8lb 10oz tench in addition to more tench and a big bream.

At Swan Lake, a couple of hoy days resulted in groups of tench becoming pre-occupied with spawning. In many swims, fish betrayed their presence with clous of feeder bubbles breaking the surface. Steve Curtin returned to catch a super looking 27lb 8oz common carp during a daytime session. Paul Daniels was pleased to catch a 7lb 10oz bream during the daytime too. Fraser Hayden opted to fish for tench and bream on a two-night stint. He was pleased to catch his first tench from the lake, a pristine specimen weighing 6lb 8oz and then followed this up with a 7lb 8oz bream. During a heavy spell of rain during the night he connected with one of the lake’s carp and had a long tussle with the fish as he was using only 8lb b.s. line. Eventually, he was able to net the fish, a mirror carp weighing 27lb 6oz. The fish was returned without photographing and swam away strongly. David Grant fished his fortnightly three-night session on the lake and was pleased to catch a 17lb 4oz common early on into his session. The following day he added a second fish, a 16lb mirror carp and later went on to catch a 20lb 2oz common carp. David’s friend Gary Clarke opted for a swim nearer the far end of the lake from where he caught two carp, a 27lb mirror carp and a second fish.  ‘Big Steve’ fished one of his favourite swims when most other swims were already occupied. A single run during the day was all it took for him to catch a cracking 30lb 0oz mirror carp. Mark Jefferys fished over a couple of nights landing mirror carp weighing 18lbs and 27lbs but was upset to find that he had accidentally foul hooked a big common. Luckily, he was able to return the fish none the worse for its experience. Stuart Howes is only able to fit in short sessions between work and family commitments, so he was pleased to catch one of the lake’s tench, a fish well over 6lbs, during one of his trips.

McGregor Lake continues to produce some good catches although some members can still find it far from easy to master. During a recent session Troy Fletcher caught ten good-sized carp all weighing over 10lbs. He used boilies as bait fished over a bed of freebies topped up from time to time with more free offerings to keep the fish interested.