News Update: 22nd July 2023

It has been a quieter week at Swan Lake with only a few members fishing at the lake most days. Steve Curtin managed to catch a beautifully scaled 26lb 4oz mirror carp after some earlier fruitless visits. A member fishing for tench was unable to catch any fish during the day and, finally, decided to call it a day. He was packing his tackle away in his nearby car when he saw his rod lurch in the rod rest resulting in him catching a 5lb 7oz specimen.

At Gingerbread Lake, Graeme Gadsby fished an overnight session hitting the jackpot catching five big common and mirror carp weighing 31lb 2oz, 25lbs, 17lb 8oz, 21lb 4oz and 20lb 4oz. He was fishing over a bed of free offerings. Ryan Godding fished overnight too and landed a nice 18lb 3oz mirror carp in the evening, but he was convinced that first light would produce more results. He was right for he went on to catch a 28lb 8oz mirror carp early in the following morning.

                                                        Second Night Permits Auction

A rare chance has arisen for members to obtain separate night fishing permits for Gingerbread, Swan and McGregor Lake thanks to Mike Tabone who is seeking to raise funds for a cancer charity and has kindly offered his night permits for auction. If you would like a chance to secure one or more of these three permits, please submit your bid(s) to Angie Davies, Night Permit Secretary by 31st July 2023. Bids should be sent by e-mail to or in writing to her address (see membership book for details). Again, please state clearly which night permit(s) you are bidding for.