News Update: 31st July 2023

The past week has again seen some great catches made from our still waters by members.

Lloyd Gadsby reported catching a nicely conditioned 6lb bream whilst carp fishing at McGregor Lake. Lloyd Fletcher fished a 24-hour session and decided to try fishing his baits well out over a bed of freebies. His tactic resulted in him landing 5 good-sized carp, 4 mirrors and a common, weighing up to 19lbs. His partner Emerald Smith opted to try placing her baits close to the margins and this tactic brought another 19lb mirror carp to the net.

Alan Wilkie decided to fish at Swan Lake for an afternoon/evening session where he went on to catch a nice 15lb 9oz mirror. Dave Grant was at the lake for another of his 72-hour sessions and the prospects looked good for him when he caught a 28lb 1oz mirror carp during his first night’s fishing. Little did he realise that this was to be the last action he would see during his stay. In contrast, a member named Aaron fished overnight and bagged three carp from an adjacent swim. Mike Baldwin fished the lake for tench and bream during the daytime and was pleased to catch several large bream to over 8lbs on his first visit. He returned to the same swim later in the week where he caught a tench over 7lbs and more bream. Karl Franklin was another angler to try for tench and bream and during a day session he caught a 7lb 8oz tench followed by an 8lb 3oz bream and then a 7lb pike which took his pop-up corn. Mark Jefferys found runs hard to come by early on in his session despite seeing plenty of signs of carp feeding during the day. He persisted though catching a 19lb mirror carp, a good-sized tench and a pike that had a penchant for boilies. Anthony Pogmore made a beeline for a swim fishing into a warm wind forecast to blow throughout the day opting for a change of bait from his usual retro flavoured boilies. Instead, he chose to fish with betamin and fruit flavoured bird seed-based boilies. It was around seven hours before one of his baits was picked up but, the wait was worthwhile as it was by a 31lb 6oz mirror carp known as The Parrot. Also, it just happened to be Anthony’s birthday!

Early in the week, Ionut Cires fishing at Gingerbread Lake caught two big mirror carp but recognised them both as fish he had caught previously. Later in the week, he returned to try some surface fishing using MAD Baits floaters and this method produced two big common carp for him. Tom Lacey fished for carp placing his baits on clear patches on the bottom amongst the weed beds. His tactic produced two great looking fish, a mirror and a common carp, for him.