News Update: 2nd July 2023

Most if not all of BHAA’s river stretches used to hold a growing population of carp but the introduction of otters has seen a rapid decline in their numbers. It was particularly pleasing to learn that Sam Hallybone has caught one from one of our stretches on the river Ouse. The fish was a big common carp weighing 24lb 8oz.

At Gingerbread Lake, Ionut Cires reported catching five mirror carp during a session and later in the week added another carp to his tally. Inonut was happy to reveal the tactics which he used to catch his last fish which was a Mad baits boilie fished amongst a number of free offerings in a tight ball.

Anthony Pogmore turned up for a day session on Swan Lake and was pleased to find that the wind direction had changed to a more westerly direction so chose a swim on the windward side of the lake. He fished a single retro flavoured boilie together with around 8 or 9 free offerings in a PVA net. A handful of other free offerings were scattered around the swim. From the outset, he was getting knocks from fish in the area and around mid-morning one of his buzzers sounded a run. He struck into a powerful fish which took several to subdue and bring to the net. It turned out to be a 35lb common carp, a pb common for the angler. He was keen to return to the swim the following day when after only a few minutes of casting out he had another run. At first, he thought he had hooked a small bream or tench and was surprised when another big carp surfaced in front of his landed net. After a couple of week lunges the common carp was netted and turned his scales to 33lbs. He returned later in the week and blanked! During the week, there was only the odd carp caught but tench were showing well with one member catching around five fish in two daytime visits. Tim Odell was fishing for carp at the lake when he connected with a whopping tench he estimated to weigh in the 8-9lb region. Karl Franklin turned up and started fishing for bream and tench whilst the heavens opened. He saw plenty of fish bubbling in the vicinity of his swim and soon banked a bream over 6lbs. it only seemed a matter of time before he would add to his tally but as soon as the rain stopped so did the bites.

Simon Pamment is a new club member and decided to fish at McGregor Lake for the first time after the lake’s carp.  Using an Essential Cell wafter, Simon was rightly elated to catch a 20lb 4oz mirror carp, a new pb for him. Abbey Skells reported that her partner, Ethan, fished at the lake using a 16mm boilie as bait and went on to catch a heavily scaled 14lb 7oz mirror carp.

Observant members who take an interest in the wildlife may have observed a pair of noisy oyster catches that have flown over the lakes for several years now. This week the pair stopped off to feed at the lakes, a rare treat.

A Board member has been installing improved lock flaps on the gates surrounding our lakes to make the gates easier to open. It was disappointing for find that one of the flaps had been damaged within a few hours whilst others were found wedged open elsewhere. The purpose of these flaps is to prevent fish eating predators from gaining entry to the lakes but the actions of these thoughtless members has jeopardised this. Members are asked to ensure that the flaps are left down when not in use and to take care when opening and closing gates to avoid unintentional damage.