News Update: 9th July 2023

There has been a steady stream of carp catches made by members fishing at McGregor Lake. Troy Fletcher reported catching a couple of sizable mirror carp during an afternoon session at the lake and finished an overnight session with a 20lb mirror carp.  Danny Bryan posted a photo of his grandson who caught a nice-looking common carp and looking very pleased to have doner so! Craig Leitch decided to use 22mm homemade boilies to avoid the attention of unwanted bream and the tactic worked as he went on to catch a 25lb 5oz mirror carp, a fish he recognised he had caught 3lbs heavier prior to spawning.

Anthony Pogmore was keen to prolong his run of carp catches from Swan Lake but two visits without a run convinced him that a change of swim was called for. He opted for a swim on the leeward side of the lake and cast his boilie offering to a gravel bar some 40 yards out from the bank. After three hours, he noticed one of his rods vibrating in its rod rest and his reel’s free spool giving line at a rapid rate. He connected with the fish and had a hard fight for several minutes before he was able to land it. It turned out to be a very fit 28lb 3oz mirror carp. Tim Odell suspected that the bright conditions he was fishing under would mean that many carp would be high up in the water so decided to employ a zig rig. His bite indicator rose to the top and then dropped back but he struck and was connected to a good fish which almost immediately ran towards him at a rapid pace. Imagine his surprise when not a carp but a large pike appeared. The fish was netted and weighed turning his scales to 15lb 3oz.

Tom Lacey fished at Gingerbread Lake and located a small clear area between two weed beds on to which he cast his baits. Tom went on to catch two big mirror carp weighing 27lb 10oz and 24lb 14oz from the clear spot.

In a short while, the Board’s estate management group will be holding working parties at Gingerbread Lake to improve the track around the lake and to employ contractors to remove some of the dense weed that is over abundant in parts of the lake. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to close the lake whilst these works are taking place on Health and Safety grounds as machinery will be used. The first closure will be on the 29th and 30th of July.