News Update: 20th August 2023

It has been a quiet week on BHAA’s lakes despite weather conditions seeming good on several days.

Graeme Gadsby fished at Swan Lake where he caught a 21lb 12oz fully scaled mirror carp.

Fraser Hayden decided to try his luck on the River Ouse at Tempsford. Fishing with a groundbait
feeder cast on to a gravel bar between weed beds he went on to catch three sizable bream all in the
4-6lb range.

The weed clearing operation at gingerbread was a great success enabling a huge quantity of largely
milfoil to be removed.

An incident arose at Swan Lake where a member was caught using three rods where guidance in our
membership books clearly states that the maximum number permissible on the Sandy lakes is two.
Also, he apparently failed to read the sign on the gate that states there is a two-rod limit. The same
individual was also rebuked for sending a bait boat beyond an adjacent swim and clearly beyond
casting range. Several

bait boat users have similarly caused upset by allowing bait boats to interfere
with members’ fishing from other swims and will not be tolerated. If these individuals want to see
bait boasts banned, they are going the right way. Please show consideration to other anglers when
using them.

The Board has taken a decision to ban the ‘Big Twig’ self-hooking device on all our waters so please
do not attempt to use them. Note that our bailiffs may undertake rig checks from time to time.
It is upsetting to report that some members are still not closing gates correctly leaving metal flaps
open and locks improperly affixed. Nuts used on the latches have been found to be missing too. The
Board is taking appropriate action to identify the culprits involved.