News Update: 27th August 2023

Graeme Gadsby found sport relatively hard to come by on his latest visit to Gingerbread Lake so was pleased to catch two of the lake’s smaller carp, mirrors weighing 12lb 4oz and 15lb 8oz. Tom Lacey managed to catch one of the lake’s larger residents, a mirror carp weighing just over 20lbs. Glenn Mills reported catching two nice mirror carp bottom fishing whilst Ionut Cires had three sizeable carp, two mirrors and a common.

The continued warm weather prompted Clive Day to try floater fishing once again at McGregor Lake and his decision proved correct when he went on to catch one of the lake’s recently stocked mirror carp and a whopping 26lb mirror carp too.

Dave Grant has found it hard going on several recent sessions at Swan Lake so was pleased to catch a 15lb 13oz mirror carp early on at the start of his 72-hour session. During his first night he was awoken by the sound of one of his bite alarms but was surprised to find it was an 8lb pike that had taken his pop-up boilie. Later in his session, he got amongst the larger specimens catching common carp weighing 26lb 15oz and 21lb 10oz together with a 14lb 14oz mirror carp. David fished a bright coloured pop-up over a scattering of Mad Baits’ boilies. Mark Jefferys decided to fish at range on his latest 48-hour session and really hit the jackpot with runs coming mainly during the night. He caught three mirror carp weighing 30lb 4oz, 20lbs and 19lb 7oz but was really pleased to catch the two-tone common carp weighing 39lb 2oz, a personal best from the lake for him. Also, Mark caught a couple of bream during his stay too. Craig Leitch reported catching a 24lb 14oz common carp which gave him a long hard fight before being netted.