News Update: 5th August 2023

Catch reports for Gingerbread Lake were limited as the lake was closed to allow essential maintenance to be carried out. Glen Mills was quickly back in action once the working party’s work was completed and he was able to catch three carp, the largest weighing 26lb 6oz together with a nice 6lb tench. Graeme Gadsby was really pleased to catch another big mirror, a 26lb 4oz specimen, along with a number of tench. Ionut Cires  was another of the lake’s regulars to catch a good-sized mirror carp too. The coming week will see the lake closed once again to enable weed clearing operations to proceed.

Several members turned up to help at the work party along with club officials enabling far more remedial work to be carried out for the benefit of all members. The track around the lake was repaired and a number of swims were re-built. Also, offending branches of trees and bushes interfering with swims were coppiced.

Craig Leitch returned to McGregor Lake to fish overnight. He caught three mirror carp over 20lbs including one known as ‘Five Scales’ although it was down in weight no doubt as a result of spawning. Also, he caught several other carp below this weight during his session.

In contrast, sport has been slow on Swan Lake with only a relatively small number of anglers fishing and little sings of fish movement.

Cameras have been installed to monitor persons entering and leaving the lake. This follows incidents when gates have not been properly secured or persons have grossly infringed day fishing times.

Lou Horne decided to try his hand at river fishing in Church Meadow at Tempsford and was pleased as punch to catch a 4lb chub on his visit after observing more fish moving further upstream past his swim.