News Update: 24th September 2023

Bailiff Ryan Godding worked hard on the recent working party at Gingerbread Lake when several swims were completely rebuilt so it was fitting for him to be rewarded by catching a lovely looking mirror carp after the work had finished. Mick Usher has had a long self-imposed rest from carp fishing, instead, enjoying fishing on the club’s river stretches as well as trips to the River Trent. He decided to have an overnight session on Gingerbread Lake targeting a neglected species, namely, eels. Using both lobworms and dead baits, Mick had a hectic night’s sport landing no fewer than 10 eels up to 4lb 4oz with many of them weighed around or over 3lbs.

Paul Burton fished an overnight session at Swan Lake catching a 15lb 14oz mirror carp whilst Dave Grant fished through torrential rain to catch two common carp weighing 16lbs and 29lb 13oz. After blanking the previous day, Anthony Pogmore decided to brave a hoolie with 40 mph gusts returning to the same swim. At 1pm, one of his rods thumped violently and he soon found himself connected to a big fish that managed to become entangled in a sunken branch. His friend, Dave Grant, was on hand to help net the fish which turned out to be the much sought after two-tone common carp weighing 39lb 10oz, a new personal best. Two days later, he returned to the lake and within the first hour found himself connected to another big carp which also found the same sunken branch. Both fish and branch were landed with the fish being another big common carp, a 29lb 2oz specimen. He did not bother to weigh the branch which was not returned to the lake! His tactics employed for both fish were single retro-flavoured boilies on 15lb b.s. stiff rigs fished at range using running leads. Only a small number of free offerings were introduced on each occasion.