News Update: 5th September 2023

Robbie McDade reported catching a 20lb mirror carp on a recent visit to Gingerbread Lake and Robbie’s young son also enjoyed success by catching a good-sized tench.

Troy Fletcher and his partner Emerald Smith have been fishing at Swan Lake as Troy was successful in a charitable auction of a night fishing permit for the lake. Troy got off to a great start breaking his p.b. for carp twice in quick succession. His first carp was a 31lb mirror carp along with a double-figure bream and later he reported catching a 36lb common carp recognised as being one of the first carp to be stocked into the lake by the Angling Association and supplied by AJS Fisheries. Emerald was pleased to catch a 20lb fully scaled mirror carp too.

Clive Day opted for an afternoon session on McGregor Lake and decided to try floater fishing once again. He saw his bait taken on the surface and struck but, at first, he thought he had lost the fish but then realised it had bolted towards him. The fish turned out to be a 19lb mirror carp.

The nearby Manor Farm Fishery has unfortunately suffered an outbreak of the carp virus KVA resulting in the loss of a number of carp from one of its lakes. Any member who has fished at Manor Farm recently is asked to ensure that landing and keep nets are fully dried out before using them on our waters.

There have been recent incidents of members using more than the permitted number of rods at the Sandy Lakes Fishery. The maximum number permissible is two and anyone found to be breeching this limit is risking losing their club membership if caught.

A large quantity of discarded Maxima fishing line has been carelessly discarded at McGregor Lake in the vicinity of swims 1-3. This thoughtless action can lead to wildlife becoming entangled in it and consequently suffering injury or even death. Please ensure that such line is taken home with you and properly made safe before disposing in litter bins. If anyone can identify the culprit, please inform the club so that disciplinary action can be taken against the individual.