News Update – 1st October 2023

Mick Usher was keen to resume his eel fishing at Gingerbread Lake using two new rods he had acquired. His first cast saw one of his rods break in half leaving him with the dilemma of calling it a day or fishing through the night with his only the remaining rod. He decided on the latter and went on to have another hectic night’s sport catching numerous up to 3lb 12oz.

Pauk Burton fished at Swan Lake overnight during the week and managed to catch the big two-tone common carp weighing 40lb 3oz, a new personal best. Paul was elated for it was a fish he had hoped to catch for more than three years which had evaded him. Mark Jefferys opted for a three-night session at the lake using solid bags of freebies with his bait inside too. He fished over a bed of mixed particles and on his first night he caught 4 big carp all over 28lbs with the heaviest being a fully scaled mirror carp weighing just under 30lbs. He went on to land another 3 carp and a tench also losing another fish which weeded him in a lily bed and finally escaped after Mark had the fish on for over an hour.

Members are reminded that winter fishing times for day anglers will come into force on the 1st of October and will be 7am until 7pm until 31st March. These restrictions do not apply for river stretches controlled by the Association but note that night fishing is not allowed at the Riddy Nature Reserve, Sandy nor on Tempsford Estate waters. Also, the IPA water, Back Meadows in Biggleswade, has restricted night fishing in the winter months which members will need to ascertain.