News Update: 29th October 2023

The continuation of mild weather has meant that carp in BHAA’s controlled lakes continue to feed although they seem to be more active during the longer nights.

Robert Livock fished a short day session at McGregor Lake during bright sunlight with little wind to stir things up but a single run produced a 17lb 4oz mirror carp for him.

Steve Curtin decided his usual swim at Swan Lake was getting too waterlogged so moved to an adjacent swim. He had only just finished his early morning cup of coffee when he had a run resulting in him catching a 21lb 14oz mirror carp. He still complains of being plagued by bites from eels which keep pulling at his baits! Mark Jefferys fished a two-night session at the lake casting to a silt bed he had located a few rod lengths from the bank. During his first night he had two runs resulting in him catching mirror carp weighing 29lbs and 25lbs. His second night produced no more action. A member fishing in an adjacent swim enjoyed a great overnight session landing three carp and two large bream although the weights of the fish are not known.

At Gingerbread Lake, Graeme Gadsby continued his impressive run of catches by landing one of the lake’s big common carp, a 39lb 8oz specimen, later adding a 25lb 4oz mirror carp to his tally.

Louis Horne and bailiff Sam Hallybone decided to try some lure fishing on lakes in the Sandy complex landing a good sized pike around the double-figure mark but Louis is confident some much larger specimens remain to be caught.