News Update: 8th October 2023

Luke Garner took young Jayden Watts for a day’s fishing at McGregor Lake to see if he could help him to catch his first ever carp. Jayden started off float fishing and was soon catching plenty of roach and perch and was keen to try to catch a carp so Luke rigged up a snowman boilie rig for him that was cast out into the lake. Before long, Jayden had a run and he found himself battling with a big fish. It was eventually landed and turned out to be a 16lb 8oz mirror carp, a great start. He fished on and went on to catch an even bigger specimen, a 21lb 8oz mirror carp which many more senior members would have liked to catch. Lloyd Gadsby reported catching a 14lb mirror fishing on into the dark.

Reports of a monster eel being caught at Gingerbread Lake have been announced caught by one of the lake’s carp anglers. The fish looked to be around 7lbs and was probably a specimen that has been caught on several occasions over the years when it has picket up baits intended for other species.

Several big carp have been landed at Swan Lake during the week including a big linear mirror carp weighing over 39lbs.

The Board considered a proposal to introduce a ban on the use of bait boats following complaints by several members of boats being steered into neighbouring swims to the annoyance of occupants and placing baits close to snags risking the tethering of any fish lost. It was decided that the problems lied with the irresponsible users and not with bait boats so it was the users who should be disciplined. Members are asked to report any incidents of improper bait boat use and other serious rule breaches to the Association’s bailiffs, if possible, giving details of the offending members. Bait boat use must be confined to the angler’s swim and not to extend into or across neighbouring swims.