Bait Boats and Baiting Spoons Guidance

The strength of feeling, and the numbers voting against use bait boats at the AGM was overwhelming. A new rule preventing their use on Swan Lake will be implemented on June 16th when our new Association books are issued. The Board was very close to defying convention, and bringing in the new rule with immediate effect, but eventually conceded it would be unfair on “existing users” for the next 6 months. All members are reminded that they can report (and these days record) examples of poor angling and are encouraged to report this to a Board Member or Bailiff. In the meantime, here is advanced notice of guidance that will be in the next book.

Are you a USER?

Bait boats and Baiting Spoons can place and baited hooks in locations that rod and line angling cannot. This may result in very poor angling if USERS are unaware of the implications. The Association has seen some appalling practice, and now offers the following guidelines. It is hoped that USERS will be mindful of fish welfare and have an awareness of other anglers that share the water with them.

  1. Bait Boats and baiting spoons must not be used to place baits in snags. Specifically, placing bait or baits under trees, bushes or any other areas that are unreachable with rod and line. Comply with Rule 4. Comply with Rule 12.
  2. should not be taken out beyond 2 or more large weed beds, or beyond any other feature that could be considered A SNAG
  3. Where ‘Out of Bounds’ areas exist, Spoons and boats must not be used to take baits into these areas by passing through, over or under any restrictions in place.

Should a bait boat or spoon become un-retrievable for any reason, anglers must not enter the water to recover them under any circumstances. A member of the board or bailiff should be contacted to arrange safe removal. A E25 cost will be charged, and an endorsement placed in the member’s book. Any angler who has entered the water to retrieve a boat or spoon will be immediately suspended from the Association until such time that the incident is reviewed by the Board.

Fraser Hayden

BHAA Board Member