Gingerbread Lake Re-Opens

Following an inspection of conditions at Gingerbread Lake, the Board has decided to re-open the venue from Monday, 26th of February. Members visiting the lake are asked to adhere to the following guidance –

Access round to the right of the main carp park is fine for vehicular access;

No vehicles to be parked between the main carp park around the lake to the Fridge swim in the centre of the lake. Most if not all of the swims around the factory bay are waterlogged and remain unfishable;

Gear can be dropped up in the main or fridge car parks and carried or barrowed to swims as there is not enough room to leave cars parked on this section of the track to allow other vehicles to pass;

Turning points for vehicles are either in the main or fridge car parks;

Access to swims from two-bar bay and beyond is only possible on foot and some of the swims are still flooded;

Please drive vehicles at walking pace to avoid damage to the track

As the land around the lake continues to dry out, the Board will review the situation to enable more areas to be accessed.

Sandy Lakes and the adjacent River Ivel

All the lakes will remain open but vehicles must be parked alongside the main track or in the car parks at McGregor Lake. Please do not try to drive through areas that have been taped off as they are too waterlogged at the present. There should be no problems accessing the river via Grace Lake or by walking across the fields behind the lakes.