News Update: 10th February 2024

It is very much a bittersweet report this week.

Ken Woolmer fished at Tyringham on the River Ouse, his favourite stetch of the river, where he caught two super perch, specimens weighing 2lb 12oz and 3lb 4oz. Later in the day, he caught another specimen, a 5lb 3oz chub. Members are asked to note that reluctantly the Association will not be renewing the fishing rights for Tyringham next season for several reasons namely poor access, increasing rental costs and low footfall. However, there is some good news in that the Association is finalising arrangements with Olney and Clifton AC to share the fishing rights on three new stretches of the river above Harrold. These stretches have a reputation for producing numbers of large perch as well as other species.

The recent torrential rains have caused both the rivers and lakes to flood with peak levels yet to be reached. Gingerbread Lake is completely flooded and unfishable, so the Board has temporarily closed access to it for safety reasons. The working party to repair the otter fencing has stood down.

Clive Day managed to get a day’s fishing in at McGregor Lake where he caught two nice carp, a 15lb common and a 12lb 12oz mirror. Clive said that both fish fought hard and were in pristine winter condition.

A member fishing at Gingerbread Lake encountered a fellow angler who was pike fishing. He found the individual had no unhooking mat with him and his landing net was undersized too. Also, he had no wire cutters for removing traces and possessed a set of forceps too small for the job. His excuse was that he found carrying the necessary equipment too heavy for him. If caught at the lake again without adequate tackle, he will be required to leave, and his club book will be endorsed.

Membership renewals may be submitted for the coming season but members are reminded to enclose a return addressed envelope for their club book together with the correct postage using up to date stamps.