News Update: 4th February 2024

After the recent gales and floods followed by cold conditions, the milder weather has seen some BHAA members back on the banks at last. The effect of the inclement weather has meant that some restrictions on vehicular access to swims have had to be imposed but these are being kept under constant review.

 Karl Franklin has been pursuing chub throughout the winter months catching some good fish but this week he had a surprise catch when he fished the River Ivel, a 2lb 15oz rainbow trout. It is about the third trout Karl has caught from the river in the last two years. Later in the day, he went on to catch a big chub from another stretch of the river. Barnaby Goding is another member who has targeted chub on BHAA’s river stretches catching a super looking chub from the River Ouse and another good-sized specimen from the River Ivel. Louis Horne had a day fishing with jigs on the Ivel and found chub in a feeding mood catching three fish along with two pike.

Paul Burton ha a day session at McGregor Lake after carp and was able to tempt a nice common carp during his stay.