Gingerbread Lake

There have been possible sightings of an otter on Gingerbread Lake over the last couple of weeks.  Board members have been carrying out regular patrols along the fence line and cameras have been installed at a strategic location but, no positive sightings have yet been made.

A possible means of entry has been identified through pipes that run under the road bridge from the nearby Links Pool. Efforts will be made to try to close off this potential weak spot in our defences.

Any sightings, concerns or damage to fish should be reported to the Board as soon as possible.

The taped barrier is being moved down to the Pylon swim so that vehicles can be driven round to the car park there. However, there is still to be no parking of vehicles round the Factory bay other than in the designated car parking areas. As soon as the ground has dried out sufficiently, all parking restrictions will be removed.