News Update: 14th April 2024

Carp have been caught from Gingerbread Lake in increasing numbers as the lake water continues to heat up. Glenn Mills enjoyed more success catching two lovely looking mirror carp during a recent visit. Both fish topped the 20lb mark with the largest weighing 23lb 10oz.

Mark Jefferys has found Swan Lake less productive for him compared with catches he made before the winter weather set in. Mark decided to leave his baits in until a run and so avoid disturbing his swim. His patience was rewarded when one of his alarms sounded a run. It turned out to be from a pristine 27lb 4oz common carp. A few large bream and the odd tench have been caught by anglers targeting these species on light tackle.

Clive Day is a frequent catcher of carp from McGregor Lake, but he had a surprise when his bait was picked up by a sizeable pike. It seems that this phenomenon is becoming increasingly common as pike find carp baits easier to feed on than catching food fish. In this context, there is a double-figure pike in Swan Lake that gets regularly caught on boilies as it is easily recognisable by a small scar on one of its flanks.