News Update: 21st April 2024

The lake record at Swan has been broken twice in a couple of weeks with the captures of the two-tone common carp now weighing an impressive 42lbs. The latest successful angler to land this fish was lake regular David Alexnader, the second time he has caught the fish weighing over 40lbs. A small number of carp, bream and tench were caught during the week but the sudden dip in temperatures put most fish off the feed.

Gingerbread Lake was closed over the previous weekend to enable essential maintenance work to be carried out and once again a big thankyou is due to those board members and others who turned up to help. The working party was able to improve several swims and parking spaces for vehicles. It was only fitting that the working party members were able to put in a few hours fishing after each day’s work was completed. This free time enabled club chairman Marc Snow to catch a 25lb 4oz mirror carp and board member Ryan Godding landed another nice mirror carp too. Repairs to fencing still remains to be done as the lorry carrying the machinery broke down so it was not delivered

Thanks to several members reporting sighting predatory otters on the lake after the recent floods,  the board undertook an exercise to confirm their presence by identifying possible entry points and utilising trail cameras to record any appearances. This work enabled location of points of entry and some great work was undertaken by board member Rob Norris to successfully close them off. A couple of fish carcases were found around the lake along with the corpse of a bird and a broken egg. Several carp were caught displaying signs of otter damaged such as torn fins but overall, the losses were fortunately small.

The colder weather has similarly affected catches at McGregor Lake during the week but, a few carp and bream were still being caught. Clive Day reported catching a 10lb 5oz mirror carp and a cracking 21lb common carp.