News Update: 12th May 2024

One of the most sought-after fish in Gingerbread Lake is the elusive ‘Brown Fish’, a mirror carp, which was caught by longstanding member Mark Farrell weighing an impressive 43lb 13oz. Mark was especially pleased as the fish is a new personal best for him.

Julian Peacock was back at Swan Lake where he managed to catch his first tench of the year. Despite the warmer weather few anglers have fished the lake and those that tried did not find fish to be in a feeding mood.

Fraser Hayden enjoyed a couple of brief sessions at McGregor Lake firstly floater fishing after carp. He fired out a small pouch full of mixers and soon had fish starting to take the odd one or two. During his brief spell, he was able to hook 4 carp proving that you don’t have to fill the lake in to catch them! On his second visit, he opted to try one of the popular methods of fishing from yesteryear, the lift method, now largely overlooked by the new generation of anglers. He fished with a lobworm as bait topped with a piece of sweetcorn below a float. After a short time, his float slid away, and he was connected to a hard fighting fish which gave him a good tussle on his light tench rods. The fish was netted and turned out to be a 9lb 12oz common, no monster but an enjoyable experience.

Members will be pleased to learn that over the last weekend a small working party of board members have given up another of their weekends to repair the track on the north bank of Swan Lake and the access track to the far side of McGregor Lake allowing vehicular access to all swims on both lakes. Members are asked to be mindful that the ground has still not fully hardened off so they need to be careful not to rut it with their cars and create more problems.

For those of you who like to take an interest in the wildlife, many summer visiting birds have been spotted including cuckoos, sand martens, terns and warblers. The fencing surrounding the lakes has enabled geese, ducks, coots and moorhens all to successfully raise their checks largely free from predators. Red admiral butterflies and snakes have been spotted too.