News Update: 16th June 2024

Many people have been sceptical of the existence of a large catfish in McGregor Lake as the species has never been stocked by the angling club despite several anglers reporting hooking and losing  monster fish. One member remains convinced of its existence and has tried for a couple or more years to catch it been unsuccessfully. During the week, Tim Odell was enjoying some great sport with the lake’s carp catching 15 fish to 26lb 4oz over 4 day sessions despite dropping another 5 fish. However, Tim had a gentle knock on one of his rods which he assumed to be from small fish nudging his bait but, suddenly he experienced a fast run and found himself battling with a huge fish. He managed to curb its fist powerful run and was gradually bringing to the fish to the net when another powerful surge straightened his hook out and the fish was lost. He was able to catch sight of the beast and confirmed it was a large catfish. Lloyd Gadsby ended his previous weekend stay with a lovely looking 19lb mirror carp. During the week, the carp were often reluctant to feed, and it took Alan Wilkie until late evening to finally get a run which turned out to be from a 16lb 13oz mirror carp. Terry Peniston caught a 16lb 120z mirror carp and a 13lb 2oz common carp during the morning too.

Tench, bream and carp have featured in anglers’ catches made from Swan Lake during the past week but sport remained patchy. David Grant was back on the lake for another of his fortnightly 72-hour sessions but, after one night all he had to show for his efforts was a double-figured pike that seems to have developed a penchant for boilies. It was a fish that he would catch a second time during his Stay! On his second day, he finally got a take from a carp which turned out to be a big common carp weighing 36lb 5oz nicknamed ‘The Barrel’. David Alexander banked 3 big carp one day all weighing over 20lbs including a mirror carp named ‘The Parrot’ which weighs over 30lbs. All his fish fell to mini boilies fished over a few freebies.

Glenn Mills continued his successful year at Gingerbread Lake catching two mirror carp weighing 29lb 10oz and 15lb 8oz. Glenn said the bigger fish was a repeat capture. Michael Cooney caught a 32lb 9oz mirror carp and a 20lb common carp.

Some purists object to fishing for pike before November and for carp when they are spawning even suggesting the fisheries should be closed in the case of the latter. It is the view of the Association’s Board that lake closures are unnecessary as when carp are spawning they are not feeding. Moreover, one could equally argue for similar closures when pike, bream, tench and other species are spawning. The Association prefers to rely on the good sense of the members at such times. Pike are a delicate species but, provided they are handled correctly, can be fished for in the Spring and Summer months as our lakes are well oxygenated and there have been few, if any, mortalities at such times.

A reminder that TMO Highways has announced that New Road will be closed to traffic between the hours of 9pm and 6am from 17th of June for around 5 days. Access to the Sandy Fishery may be affected but it is likely to be accessible from the station direction.

A thoughtless angler saw fit to leave empty plastic cups behind in his swim at McGregor Lake. The Board takes a vary dim view of such rule breakers and they can expect harsh punishment when identified. Bailiff patrols will be increased in the forthcoming season so please follow the rules.

Our friends in Olney and Clifton AC who share with us some stretches of river at Harrold and Lavendon have improved the track and parking areas to the Lavendon stretch and members will have an opportunity to fish a newly acquired stretch of the River Ouse by O&CAC upstream of our Harrold stretch with easy vehicular access. It is known for holding specimen perch and other species.