News Update: 2nd June 2024

David Grant returned from a fruitless fishing trip to France despite witnessing the capture of a 59lb carp by a fellow angler fishing the lake. He was still keen to get back after the carp in Swan Lake but after a blank first night’s fishing must have been wondering if his luck would change. However, on his second evening during rain his bite alarm sounded a take and he found himself connected to a hard fighting fish. It turned out to be the much sought after two-tone common carp weighing an impressive 41lb 6oz. His successful bait was a MAD Baits’ boilie. His friend, Mark Jefferys caught a big carp too, a mirror weighing 32lbs. Earlier in the week, a member fishing overnight landed a mirror carp known as ‘The Parrot’ weighing 32lbs and another carp of 26lbs. Jamie Smith used a centre pin reel whilst fishing the margins where he caught a lovely conditioned 6lb 6oz tench and an 8lb 1oz bream.

Mike Baldwin prefers fishing for bream and tench and has been quietly amassing some good catches from McGregor Lake using feeder tactics. On his latest visit, he caught no fewer than 33 bream and one roach/bream hybrid for a staggering total weight of 162lb 11oz. David Bryan and his grandson fished alongside each other where they enjoyed catching both carp and bream throughout the day. David’s grandson landed the fish of the day though, a 22lb 7oz mirror carp. Lady angler Roxie Xie landed two good-sized carp too, a mirror and a common.

The previous weekend Gingerbread Lake was closed to allow essential maintenance work to be carried out on both the security fencing and swims. There was a good turnout of helpers which enabled much work to be completed. When the days work was done, working party participants were able to fish until the following day and Chairman Marc Snow took advantage of this catching a big common carp weighing 34lb 8oz together with some tench. Eastate Officer Louis Horne was angler to enjoy success catching another large common carp together with other fish. Another participant, Lukka had a surprise catch in the form of a 24lb pike.

 At least, two more big common carp were caught later in the week at Gingerbread Lake by David Young and Michael Cooney. David had a super looking 38lb 3oz specimen whilst Michael had a 29lb 8oz fish. Michael’s tactics were to fish a snowman rig over a small scattering of free offerings. Barnaby Goding enjoyed a great session too catching two big common carp weighing 24lb 15oz and 24lbs plus a cracking 7lb 2oz tench.

Regrettably, over the past week there have been instances of gates not being properly secured at both Gingerbread and McGregor Lakes leaving the fisheries vulnerable to otter predation. The gates are simple to secure via. – 1. Ensure the gate latch is secured to the catch on the gate post and 2. close the hasp of the padlock over the ring welded to the gate. Simple, eh?