Our Offer

Biggleswade and Hitchin Angling Association provides exceptional fishing, open to all at affordable prices. We are committed to maintaining well managed and productive fisheries, which deliver a rewarding experience for our members. Essentially we are an Angling Club. We are not a syndicate, we are not a series of carp lakes; we are an Angling Association.

Our Rules

We would rather that there were less of them, and as with most activities they reflect poor behaviour by a few, rather than considered and thoughtful behaviour by the majority. We have made substantial investments in our fisheries, not just financial. Actions which put these efforts at risk will not be tolerated.

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Our History

Biggleswade and Hitchin Angling Association Ltd used to exist as separate organisations, and merged into a single entity during the mid 1980’s.

Archives show minutes of meetings held by the Biggleswade club as long ago as the 1920’s, and the towns’ attachment to the River Ivel provided fine recreational angling on the Biggleswade Common meadows to the north of the town. In more recent years, the Biggleswade side of the Association produced some excellent river match fishing. During the 50’s through to the early 90’s when river match fishing was still popular, the Ouse stretches at Tempsford produced  big nets of bream, roach and chub to those who understood how fish for them.

The Hitchin side of the merger developed from specimen angling roots.

The main Club Stillwater was Arlesey Lake. Easy to visit via the railway station, it developed a reputation as a specimen water during the 1940’s and 50’s.

Richard Walker (Dick Walker) pioneered long range ledgering via his development of the Arlesey Bomb, and was rewarded by catching huge perch which resided in the central channel of the Lake. Those who accompanied him included Frank Guttfield, Bob Rutland and Peter Stone, true angling legends.

Carp fishing history with the Association is very significant.

Dave Thorpe, Dennis McFetrich and Steve Curtin amongst others pioneered Arlesey Lake carp fishing during the 70’s with static floating baits fished far out into the deep water in summer, with luncheon meat and “specials” on light link ledger set ups all year round. Kevin Maddox lived only a few miles away, and by the early 80’s the hair rig was being experimented with at Arlesey Lake. By the mid 80’s floating particles were an established approach, and Rob Maylin had significant catches on fixed polyball mixer set ups.

Our Investment

The finance year for the Association runs in line with the opening of the traditional river season, and we close our accounts each year on June 15th. Our only source of income is from membership subscriptions and night fishing permits, and very occasionally an Environment Agency partnership investment.

Over the last few years we have used the income for (amongst other things) the following:-

Fish stocking £65,000
Security  £14,000
Website Investment £4,500
Fisheries Management  £127,000

The Association is constantly looking for opportunities to expand its fishing rights, either via ownership or rental, and finances are in place to enable this investment to be made when appropriate.

Our Management

As a Limited Company, we are run by a Board of Directors who meet at the beginning of each month. Formal minutes are taken and reviewed, ensuring timely actions on important matters. The Board reflects a broad spread of ages, and consists of active members  who enjoy a variety of angling approaches. All are enthusiastic to contribute their time and effort for the benefit of the Association.

Our Constitution

We are affiliated to The Angling Trust, Ivel Protection Association, UOFCA and the Countryside Alliance.

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