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Big fish keep coming two by two!

Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore used an attractor boilie fished snowman style cast amidst a bed of Denham Baits’ Inception boilies in the factory bay at Gingerbread Lake. He had just received a phone call from one of the club’s bailiffs when the alarm for his right-hand rode signaled a run. The phone was thrown to the floor and, after a short fight, a 20lb 8oz mirror carp was netted. The fish was soon returned so Anthony got back on the phone to explain to his colleague what had happened. He had barely started to talk when his left-hand alarm screamed out and the phone was quickly discarded for a second time. This time the fish turned out to be a 25lb mirror carp.

Lewis Vereecque’s 23lb 10oz Pike

6 year-old Lewis Vereecque holding the 23lb 10oc pike caught at McGregor Lake on a boily.

Darren Davidson’s 39lb 13oz Mirror Carp

Darren Davidson with a 39lb13oz mirror carp caught at Gingerbread Lake

Andrew Stapleton’s 28lb 13oz Mirror Carp

Andrew Stapleton holding a 28lb 13oz mirror carp caught on a homemade boily at Gingerbread Lake

Still Feeding Despite the Weather

November 4, 2018
by: Alan DaviesNews

Another PB

September 30, 2018
by: Alan DaviesNews

Sandy Lakes Provide a PB

September 17, 2018
by: Alan DaviesNews

Chub, Eels and a Barbel

August 27, 2018
by: Alan DaviesNews

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