News Update: 21st July 2024

At Gingerbread Lake, Graeme Gadsby fished an overnight session catching two big carp, a 29lb mirror and a 27lb 2oz common. Daniel Humphry had a week to remember by catching six of the lake’s carp in two visits. Daniel caught two of his fish surface fishing and the other four on bottom baits. Tom Lacey […]

News Update: 30th June 2024

After the blistering start to the new season, it has been a much quieter week probably because some carp were busy spawning and, therefore, had other things on their minds! David Flint had a short session at Swan Lake where he managed to wheedle out a 20lb common carp when other anglers were struggling for […]

News Update: 24th December 2023

The mild conditions enabled Trevor Richardson to get a real Xmas cracker in the form of a 32lb 50z mirror carp which he caught whilst fishing at Swan Lake. Meanwhile, Fraser Hayden continued to fish the River Ivel for winter specimens introducing dendrabena worms together with a sweet ground bait to draw fish into his […]

News Update: 26th November 2023

After catching several carp and tench from Gingerbread Lake during the milder weather, David Young was still keen to catch one more good fish before the wintry weather arrives. He fished overnight at the lake and was rewarded by catching a 25lb 2oz mirror carp. Alan Davies had enjoyed catching carp throughout the summer months […]


We recently sent out a survey to all members who have given us their email address. Replies are coming in, and we are grateful for the responses. If you weren’t sent an email, it’s because we don’t have an email address for you, or the one given was incorrect and has “bounced back”. Existing members […]

Sandy Lakes Closure

Due to the current level of the River Ivel which is causing flooding at Sandy Lakes, the club has taken the decision to close the lakes to members with immediate effect on health and safety grounds. The club will continue to to monitor the situation and will advise the members when the lakes will be […]

Flood Warning

Flooding at Gingerbread Lake and to a lesser degree at Sandy is being monitored by board members. Nobody should be putting themselves at RISK during this serious event. Floodwater is extremely dangerous. You can’t see your footing. If you get swept over wearing winter clothing and or pop waders etc the chances of survival are […]

Working Parties

We regret to inform the membership that the planned work parties at Sandy and Gingerbread will no longer take place due to the new Covid 19 restrictions. Future dates will be published here and on the website as soon as the status changes. During the last lock down, it became clear pretty quickly that a […]

News Update: 11th October 2020

The previous week saw Chris Jeffries catch two super carp, a common weighing 33lbs and a mirror weighing 29lbs but this week on Swan Lake there were few fish caught apart from perch from around the island. Anthony Pogmore fished for carp all day but only connected with a fish when he started to wind […]

News Update: 15th June 2020

In common with most angling clubs in the locality, BHAA has experienced an unprecedented demand for membership books for the new season starting on 16th of June so much so that books have all but run out. Anyone wishing to join or re-join the angling club should contact sales outlets to check if they still […]