The Associations rules are intended to ensure that members fish in a responsible manner respecting the fishery and the presence of other anglers and the welfare of fish.

Irresponsible anglers can easily lose us our waters and generally give fellow anglers a bad press.

  1. As an Association member you have responsibilities. Read the Association’s rules and make sure that you abide by them.
  2. No anglers are allowed to reserve swims on any club water by leaving tackle or parking vehicles in vacant swims.
  3. The maximum continuous length of stay permitted on any club water will be 72 hours followed by a minimum break of 48 hours away from the venue.
  4. Members are expected to show due consideration towards other anglers fishing within a reasonable distance. Do not cast more than half way towards an angler occupying another swim.
  5. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that will bring no discredit to the Association or annoyance to fellow anglers.
  6. Keep off mowing grass and growing crops, close all gates and use only official access points to waters.
  7. Leave no litter, and ensure swims are left free from all rubbish, however caused.
  8. No alcohol or illegal drugs are to be brought on, consumed or used on any of the Association’s waters.
  9. Members are not allowed to take a dog with them when fishing on Association waters, except at Gingerbread Lake and Sandy Lakes where it must be kept on a lead and strictly controlled within the confines of the member’s swim. Any dog litter must be cleared from swims and pathways before leaving.
  10. No fishing is permitted in the immediate vicinity of locks and weirs controlled by the Environment Agency.
  11. No fishing shall be permitted on the Association’s river waters during the closed season. Still waters will remain open throughout the year.
  12. Our farmers and water owners regard the Association as custodians of their property and, as such, members shall report anyone who disregards the rules of good angling.
  13. All members are honorary bailiffs and may request other anglers fishing Association waters to produce their membership cards.
  14. Boats and dinghies may not be moored or used on any Association waters, with the exception of ‘bait’ boats in an angler’s own swim up to no more than halfway across to the opposite bank.
  15. Camping and lighting of fires is prohibited on all Association waters.
  16. The number of rods that may be used by an angler on club waters shall be limited to three and within the confines of his swim except at Sandy Lakes Fishery where the limit is two rods.
  17. Members noticing pollution on any of the Associations waters are expected to notify an officer of the Association who will then arrange for samples to be taken for analysis and for any other appropriate action.
    Remember that your prompt action in these circumstances could safeguard your sport.
  18. Night fishing is NOT allowed on Grace Lake, Grace Pool and Tempsford Estate waters or on The Riddy Nature Reserve at Sandy.
  19. No member shall take fish of any species from any of the Association’s waters for use as live or dead bait or for any other reason without the Board’s permission. (It should be noted that, under Environment Agency
    rules, live bait must not be brought from elsewhere for use on this Association’s waters.)
  20. No Pike, Barbel or Carp to be retained in sacks or keepnets except during Association Matches.
  21. No bank work to be undertaken on Association waters without the express permission of the Board.
  22. An unhooking mat must always be used whenever fish are placed on the ground regardless of their size or species and members must be in possession of a landing net when fishing.
  23. Parking at Gingerbread Lake is restricted. Do not park on the two promontories at each end of the lake or in the wooded plantations.
  24. Exercise extreme caution when fishing near overhead power lines especially when using a pole.
  25. The maximum speed for vehicles being driven around all lakes is ‘walking pace’.
  26. Irresponsible and antisocial behaviour on Association waters will be considered by the Board and could lead to expulsion of the offender.
  27. Optional night fishing permit(s) for Gingerbread Lake and the two Sandy lakes may be applied for via the Night Permit Secretary. Both permits will cover fishing overnight at the Links Pool (See page 22). Permits must be renewed by 1st April each year or the permit holder will risk losing his
    entitlement for the coming year.
  28. Unless holders of a current night permit, members fishing at Sandy and Eaton Socon Lakes must respect the following venue entry and departure times:
    – April to September; 4am Entry/10pm Departure
    – October to March; 7am Entry/6pm Departure
  29. The Association shall not be responsible for personal injury or loss or damage to the property of any member.
  30. Members should carry their membership book and night fishing permits (where applicable) with them AT ALL TIMES whilst on Association waters.
  31. The Association holds The right to terminate the membership of any individual, or individuals, who are proven to be engaged in any activity that is deemed to undermine the financial assets, physical assets, reputation or well being of the Association.
  32. All Association members must be in possession of an Environment Agency Rod Licence(s) and must abide by National and Regional E.A. rules/laws.
  33. All gates must be kept closed when not in use. All gates with locks must be kept locked when not in use. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to removal from the Association.
  34. Whilst fishing on Association still waters, all members must be in possession of an empty sealable bucket, to be used for removal of human waste from the site. Any member found leaving human waste on Association still waters will be immediately removed from the Association.

Child Protection Statement

Biggleswade & Hitchin A. A. Ltd is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for children and young people to practice angling. We intend to do this by:

  • Recognising that all children have the right to freedom from abuse.
  • Ensuring that our volunteers are carefully selected and accept responsibility for helping prevent the abuse of children in their care.
  • Responding swiftly and appropriately to all suspicions or allegations of abuse and providing parents and children the opportunity to voice concerns they may have.
  • Appointing a Child Protection Officer who will take specific responsibility for child safety and act as the point of contact for parents, children and any outside agencies.
  • Ensuring access to confidential information is restricted to the Child Protection Officer or the appropriate outside agencies.
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of our Child Protection Policy and activities on an annual basis.

Our appointed Child Protection Officer is John Hutchinson Tel: 01767 260506

  • Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio)

    Carp have scaleless heads and fully scaled bodies. Dorsal fin long based, free edge concave, a stout spine (with serrated rear edges as first ray) Mouth toothless but with 2 barbels at each side, second one longer. The current UK record is 64lb 14oz (all carp).

  • Chub (Leuciscus cephalus)

    Chub have a large head, a large mouth with almost rubberlike lips, a black/silver to greenish back, silvery sides, white belly, and fins tinged with yellowish red. Size and length varies depending on water. The British record was broken in May 2007 when Steve White caught a 9lb 3oz Chub.

  • The Barbel (Barbus barbus)

    Barbel have elongated bodies, almost round in cross section but flat bellied. Head pointed and scale less, eyes rather small, set high on the sides of the head, lips thick with two pairs of fleshy barbels. The current UK barbel record is 19lb 6oz.

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