The fishery is situated in Eaton Socon close to the market town of St Neots. From the A428 junction at Wyboston, take the B1428 road to Eaton Socon and turn right at the second mini roundabout into Howard Road (Industrial Estate). The entrance gate to the fishery is situated on the first left-hand bend in Howard Road and a prominent club notice board has been affixed to the security gate.

All gates must be kept closed when not in use. All gates with locks must be kept locked when not in use. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to removal from the Association.

Gingerbread Lake, Eaton Socon (100% Otter Fenced)

Excavated in the early 1980’s this is our specimen lake. Approx 20 acres in size, it consists of a number of large bays which include classic gravel bars, slopes, shallows and deeper holes. Well maintained swims are surrounded by mature trees, and an excellent hardcore track provides good access to swims.

This nutritious water has produced some exceptional growth rates over the last 35 years and 30lb carp are captured on a regular basis. A number of specimens are now over 40lbs, Spring and the onset of Winter always being an exciting time to see if they reveal themselves. Gingerbread Lake is quite rightly recognised as a superb opportunity to catch huge carp, which is open to all

Three rod fishing is permitted at Gingerbread Lake, with possession of the appropriate EA License of course.


The initial Gingerbread Lake stock came from Wrest Park, Stanborough Lake, and a large number of mirror carp from a private lake near Ely. Since then, we have invested in high quality stock from VS Fisheries amongst others.


Carp anglers catch them with regularity, but rarely take time to appreciate their proportions. 10lb tench, 11lb tench, 12lb tench, Gingerbread Lake holds huge tench !! Those who chose to target tench as their primary quarry have a fine chance to catch a double figure fish from Gingerbread Lake. They are a prolific species within the lake. Traditional methods such as the maggot feeder, and closely raked swims using the lift float still work on this water, especially during the spring in the margins of the lake. Scaled down carp tactics are also productive.


Carp anglers catch double figure bream with regularity, but rarely take time to appreciate their proportions, although double figure examples are not rare. There is no doubt that this venue has the potential to deliver a big bream surprise to those who are prepared to pioneer.


Seldom fished for but present, are a small number of very large rudd with specimens over 3.5lbs caught in the past. The fish are thought to have entered the lake during flood conditions and can be seen rolling out in the lake on occasion.. The few that have been caught over the years have taken boilies or float-fished maggots but floaters are always a good bet.


Gingerbread Lake holds a good head of pike up to the 30lb mark. Every year specimens over 20lb are caught but they are not easy to locate and often prove to be elusive. One of the more productive areas in the lake is Deep Bay where shoals of silver fish congregate in the winter months. These prey fish are regularly pursued by pike close to the surface at this time of the year. In the springtime, some big specimens have been spotted close to the margins waiting to attack spawning roach and rudd.


Roach and Perch are present in Gingerbread Lake. Roach have been caught to 2lbs, and specimens appear to be on the increase. Perch have been caught to 3lbs, but are rarely fished for intentionally. The roach have become more numerous following several years of cormorant depredation that finally seems to be abating. The lake has received two large stockings of roach, the last stocking numbering circa 8000 fish.

Eels to over 6lbs have been caught by design, and there is no doubt that larger examples are a possibility.