Get Involved

The Association welcomes an active membership, not only in terms of fishing but also in contributing to its running. We encourage our members to report both their success and their concerns. Concerns may include need for fishery maintenance, water quality, the behaviour of others or rule breaking etc.

There are frequent “projects” that need manpower, usually undertaken at Fishery Work Parties; be that tree work, swim maintenance or track repairs etc. Additionally, there is always a need to keep paths and the otter fencing clear of weeds, as well as just general tidying up. The river sections in particular could do with some love and attention.

Details of forthcoming working party dates will be announced on the website and on club notice boards. If you would like to get involved please e-mail Alan Davies at  or ring him on 01480 215526.

The Board and the Bailiff Team are always open to hear of those who are interested to make a contribution in this way, and again, the best approach is to contact Alan.