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Follow this link to maps on the IPA website.

We are founder members of the IPA and, as such, members may fish all IPA waters.

These are mixed fisheries holding barbel to 15lbs, chub to over 8lbs, carp to 20lbs, pike to 25lbs, perch to nearly 5lbs and other species.

  1. ARLESEY: Right-hand bank of the River Hiz downstream of the road bridge next to Arlesey railway station.
  2. STOTFOLD: Right-hand bank downstream of bridge in Baldock Road and several sections of the river near to the Green.
  3. ASTWICK: Left-hand bank downstream of the road bridge to a point 200 yards above the railway bridge at Arlesey.
  4. BROOM: Left-hand bank upstream of Holme Mill until the start of the club’s stretch. Park near the mill or in the Rugby Club’s car park.
  5. BROOM to BIGGLESWADE: Left-hand bank downstream of Holme Mill to the Recreation Ground in Biggleswade. Park near Holme Mill or in the public car park in St Andrew’s Street, Biggleswade.
  6. BACK MEADOWS: Right-hand bank upstream of the town bridge opposite the Dan Albone car park.
  7. BIGGLESWADE COMMON: Right-hand bank downstream of the Dan Albone car park to the stone adjacent to Manor Farm fishery.
  8. WILLOW HAY: Left-hand back downstream of footbridge until the end of Boonies Lake. Members may park at Manor Farm complex for access.
  9. NEW ROAD, SANDY: Left-hand bank downstream as far as the overflow weir. Members may park at the bridge or in the Sandy Lakes complex.
  10. DEAD RIVER: Left-hand from overflow weir to the start of the club’s exclusive stretch. Park at New Road bridge or in Mill Lane, Sandy.
  11. GIRTFORD BRIDGE: First meadow downstream of bridge on right-hand bank. Park in slip road near to petrol filling station.